Ceramic Butterfly Spirit Rattle / Meditation Rattle

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Butterfly Spirit Rattle by Lisa D Pottery
Butterfly Spirit Rattle by Lisa D Pottery
Butterfly Meditation Rattle by Lisa D Pottery
Spirit Rattle - Meditation Rattle by Lisa D Pottery
Spirit Rattle - Meditation Rattle by Lisa D Pottery

Meditate, relax and unwind with my Ceramic Butterfly Spirit Rattle.

This handcrafted Spirit Rattle is made of stoneware and features a large blue butterfly.

Place the Spirit Rattle in the palm of your hand and shake to hear the musical sound coming from within. Many find that meditating with their spirit rattle helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Carry your Spirit Rattle in your pocket or purse to use during any stressful situation (sitting in traffic, standing in long lines, during chemo or medical treatments, anywhere you experience stress).

The Feather symbolizes Freedom, Faith, Promise and Rejuvenation

The Cross Symbolizes Healing and Spirituality

The Dragonfly symbolizes Prosperity, Strength, Peace and Harmony

The Butterfly symbolizes Soul, Grace and Growth

The Heart symbolizes Life, Courage and Hope

The Owl symbolizes Intuition, Wisdom and Transition

My Spirit Rattles fit in the palm of your hand. Each is handcrafted from stoneware or porcelain clay. Inside are clay beads that make a unique sound when you shake the rattle. This rattle was glazed in a deep burgundy with black accents. The butterfly was glazed in a stone-like texture in pale blue.

Ready for immediate shipment to locations within the USA and Canada.

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CUSTOMER REVIEWS of my Spirit Rattles: 
Excellent customer service. Great communication. Goes above and beyond. Item as described. Beautiful craftsmanship. You can tell that there is a lot of time and love spent on these. Excellent care in packaging. Overall, a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend!!! - S. Leblanc, 5 star review

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