Ceramic Fern Vessel / Bowl

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Fern Bowl by Lisa D Pottery
Fern Vessel by Lisa D Pottery
Fern Candle Holder by Lisa D Pottery
Fern Bowl by Lisa D Pottery
Inside Glaze of Fern Bowl by Lisa D Pottery

My handcrafted CERAMIC FERN VESSELS make an unforgettable wedding, anniversary or milestone birthday gift.  Each fern vessel I create is unique. 

Dinning Room Table Centerpiece, Decorative Bowl or Candle Holder. This fern vessel is stunning as a dinning room table centerpiece.  As a candle holder, this vessel is dazzling when a lit candle is placed inside to illuminate the various colors. As a decorative bowl, display it on a living room coffee table filled with potpourri or decorative spheres.

Measuring 6.5" in height, by 10" across, I created this vessel from actual fern fronds and stoneware clay. Each fern leaf is rolled into the clay, then intricately cut and assembled into a vase or bowl shape. My glaze application process produces a visually pleasing flow of color on the inside of the vessel. Kiln-fired to cone 5, these vessels are a decorative piece of art, and are not intended to be used to serve or hold food.

Ready for immediate shipment to locations within the USA and Canada.

1 in stock. You would be ordering the exact fern bowl shown in the pictures.  See my other fern vessels that are available in different sizes, colors and prices at LisaDPottery.com

I liked it so much--I bought two! Really great!  Stunning--no other words! Really stunning!  - P. Murphy, 5 star review


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